Integrated Test Center (ITC) – In 2014, with the support and encouragement of Governor Matthew H. Mead, the Wyoming State Legislature allocated $15 million in funding for the design, construction and operation of an integrated test center to study the capture, sequestration and management of carbon emissions from a Wyoming coal fired power plant. The ITC will provide space for researchers to test Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) technologies using 20 MW of actual coal based flue gas. Along with testing capture technologies, additional research will look at taking flue gas and turning it into a marketable commodity. The research at the ITC will lead to new opportunities in petrochemicals as well as other commercial uses of carbon dioxide. Research at the facility will help ensure the viability of the coal industry, which supports jobs, local and state economies and keeps electricity prices low for millions of people around the globe.


To learn more about the ITC, click here.


Outdoor Recreation Task Force – In 2016, Governor Matt Mead announced this initiative to promote the outdoor recreational industry in Wyoming. The Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources will work with private and public stakeholders to develop recommendations to grow Wyoming’s strong outdoor recreation economy. The Outdoor Recreation Task Force will develop policy recommendations for Governor Mead’s consideration. Recommendations may include principles to guide and identify the benefits of outdoor recreation, outline efforts to expand business opportunities and improve recreation infrastructure in the state's second largest industry.


To learn more about the Outdoor Recreation Task Force, click here.


NRG COSIA XPRIZE – We are living in an age of innovation, an unprecedented era of technological progress and prosperity driven by energy. However, most of this energy comes from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas that account for a majority of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.  The $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE will challenge the world to reimagine what we can do with CO2 emissions by incentivizing and accelerating the development of technologies that convert CO2 into valuable products. These technologies have the potential to transform how the world approaches CO2 mitigation, and reduce the cost of managing CO2. The prize will incentivize development of new and emerging CO2 conversion technologies, accelerating them from laboratory testing to demonstration under real world conditions. The prize will help identify the most promising pathways for CO2 conversion and prove they can be deployed at power plants and other industrial facilities.



To learn more about the NRG COSIA XPRIZE, click here.

Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI) - This project was initiated by the State of Wyoming to obtain federal authorization for an intrastate pipeline network that will link sources of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with oil fields capable of production using CO2 injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). The goal of WPCI is to complete a robust National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis that will authorize pipeline corridors, which can later be utilized by pipeline companies, allowing them to develop their infrastructure in a shortened timeframe and at reduced costs. WPCI has been designed as a pipeline corridor network of 24 segments, with approximately 2,000 miles in total length and 1,150 miles of the network located on Federal Lands. There are approximately 500 existing oil reservoirs in Wyoming that are potential CO2-EOR candidates with an estimated production capacity of up to 1.8 billion barrels of oil, based on current technologies. Additionally, 20 trillion cubic feet of CO2 could be stored as a result of this enhanced development. WPCI will also provide a large number of jobs for those building, maintaining, and operating pipelines and CO2-EOR fields. 

To learn more about the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative, click here.

Wyoming Global Technology Summit - Our goal is to identify cutting-edge technologies that can help rural people around the world and accelerate accessibility to that technology. We identify the entrepreneurs and CEOs driving those technologies - wherever they are in the world – and enable them to showcase their technologies at the Wyoming Global Technology Summit and, if helpful, enable them to use Wyoming's infrastructure for a global proof of concept. We focus on accelerating access to technologies that improve biotech & healthcare delivery, energy, information security, communication, mobile financing, agriculture, transportation and clean water & air.

To learn more about the Wyoming Global Technology Summit, click here.

Wyoming Grown - This state-wide initiative seeks to recruit skilled professionals back to their roots. The program invites individuals who have since left our borders to move back to Wyoming to continue to build their careers and raise their families – here at home. Individuals currently living in Wyoming are encouraged to refer their loved ones, friends and colleagues to the program. If the referred individual is interested in exploring Wyoming’s career options, the program readily connects individuals with resources and in-demand job opportunities with the State’s top employers. 

To learn more about Wyoming Grown, click here.

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